Wednesday, February 15, 2012

REVIEW: M.A.C. - Cremesheen Lipstick [Creme D' Nude]

Yes its true...! I lost my MAC-GINITY Recently...! I gotta say i was super excited, but now its just like old news... Which is sad cuz i just got it on Thursday...!!! Anyhoo lets get on with reviewing this bad boy...!!

A friend of mine went to the states recently, so i asked her to bring me a MAC lipstick, cuz here they are so expensive with shipping and all. Its INSANE!!! She was nice enough to get it for me...! And i am so grateful for that...! And If your reading this, im sooooooooo sorry for driving u a lil nuts...!! And i cant express how thankful i am =)

On thursday morning i had a package delivered to me at work Just check out how the wrapping unfolds...!

Talk about excess packaging!!! But I'm glad. My products safety was worth it...!! =D

Now it was my first experience with a MAC anything as i mentioned before, so i wanted to see why people raved about it so much. Lets first see what MAC has to say about this line of lipsticks.

What MAC has to say:
Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous.

My Thoughts:
Honestly i dont know why it comes with a large price tag... It didnt seem unique to me. Maybe thats something that ill realise after using a few different shades and finishes?! For now im not realli impressed. To sum it up;

- WIDE colour selection : There is something for everyone!
- Different finishes: You can have matte or glossy or subtle sheen...!
- Smells pleasent (Vanilla extract)
- Easily available (uptill where i have seen!)
- PIGMENTED!!! (Its pretty mush opaque after the first swipe). You cant see the natural lip colour at all!
- For this particular shade : Not hidden undertones. Just neutral!

- Expensive! ($14.5 - $16) and internationally its more expensive with shipping costs...!
- Slightly drying.
- I have to be careful that my lips dont touch, or i dont purse them. Otherwise i get that annoying line in the middle...!

The Final Verdict:
I had high hopes for this particular shade. Sadly it makes me look very tan, and its kind of concealer like. Its not something i can wear without doing up my whole face. It goes perfectly with Dark smoldering smoky eyes or bright colourful looks...!
The INDOOR Picture is the most accurate...
When you have played up your eyes and have a bit of colour on your cheeks, then the last thing u need is colour on your lips, and thats where this lipstick shade comes in handy!

Thankfully it has no strong pink or peach undertones! Its just neutral!

I rate it a 3.75/5.

Would i Repurchase?
Maybe sometime in the future, if i have the money to splurge...! I would def try out a different shade though...!! Maybe Viva Glam ii?!

Do i recommend it?!
If your wallet supports it and if your brand conscious, be my guest and splurge! Honestly i didn't find anything that special, so if ur on a budget, i do not recommend splurging on this...! You can get good lipsticks with smaller price tags =)

I just want to give a little shout-out to my Friend Varah, who was kind enough to get it for me =) Many of you may be familiar with her. She is the Inspiration and driving force behind 'Firefly'. If you love customizing your things and tiny accessories like key-chains and cards and scrapbooks, she has everything you could possibly need!!! I have purchased from her, and seriously guys, her key-chains are ADORABLE!!! MashaAllah! Definitely check her page out =)

NOTE: She does not SELL makeup. This was just a favour she did for me, as a friend. =)

Anyhoo i think thats enough rambling on my part! Let me know your thoughts on MAC lipsticks...!! Which ones have you tried and what shades do you recommend?!

** DISCLAIMER: I bought this product with my own money for personal use!**
With lots of Love
- Zainab Warind <3


  1. Well, this shade is a bit too light for our skin tones. but of course, it might look good with face made up :) xx

    1. Yeah it is...! The swatches online made it look like such a pretty colour...!!! Sadness! But yeah it looks good with a realii smoky look...!!! So i shall save it for an occasion...!!!

  2. i have this too as my first ever MAC lipstick and I ordered it online, but sade to say the shade is too light for me and it was a fail. :(

    1. Yeah its quite light. Very concealer like...! We are floating in the same boat here...!!! Its so sad when u splurge and this is what happens....! =/


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